Friday, July 15, 2016

New Research provides distinct evidence of the evolutionary similarities between Birds, Mammals and Reptiles

I found the  and hair on mammals.article Reptile scales share evolutionary origin with hair, feathers to be pretty interesting. researchers were able to make the connection between scales on reptiles, feathers on birds,and hairs on mammals. Each of these form during the development of the embryo. They start out as little bumps of skin cells, which in the case of scales, quickly disappear. These bumps of skin cells each contain similar proteins that allow this to occur. I think that it is super cool to think that three completely different types of animals can have such similar developmental features. Also another thing that I found interesting and did not know was that birds and mammals did not evolve from reptiles. In fact all three had evolved from a similar ancestor. Reptiles just evolved from the predecessor much earlier on. Mammals and birds evolved later on.
Although this research is super super cool, these findings make sense and don't really surprised me too much. This is not just some coincidence, it is science. I believe we will start to find more and more small similarities between different phylums and classifications of animals. This is because all animals share the same method of genetic inheritance: DNA. If every animal has DNA as its genetic material and it was inherited only from its predecessor, then it would be a reasonable hypothesis that all animals evolved from the same origin. As animals evolve, their DNA changes, but there will still be similarities. It's just up to us to find them.
Okay so this only leads my brain into a rollercoaster of exciting and confusing thoughts and questions (not that it doesn't already do that on its own). Okay, so first of all when i read this, it was cool, reptiles and all, but for me it painted a much bigger picture: the picture of DNA. When the article mentioned possibly describing the creature that reptiles, birds and mammals evolved from, I was thinking, heck, that's a big goal, but let's think bigger. Could it be possible to map out genetic similarities between all animals and describe the traits of the first animal. Now that would be really cool! Also another question, What about plants, bacteria, fungi and our other fellow DNA dependent things.Where do they come from? Could we possibly find clear physical developmental similarities between plants and animals? What genetic differences and similarities are there between different kingdoms, phylums, classes, you get the point? When did these species diversify and why. Could we link a possible spike in the relative abundance of O2 to plants deciding to reverse photosynthesis to become animals haha?
Okay ya so you get the point, lots of big longshot questions no one can answer. I hope I left enough crazy questions, so that it's not too hard for commenters to pick apart my response(part C of homework). I know i'm going to hunt for an unrealistic post to shut down. First set of articles was a blast. Looking forward to the next and eventually class. I hope everyone else is as excited as I am.