Monday, March 20, 2017

Cancer reflection

Three things that I learned
1: there are 140 some odd genes that are concidered cancer genes
2: all cancer is caused from genetic inheritance or genetic mutation, either way genes are 100% in charge of cancer.
3 shorter chromosomes can have more cancer genes than longer ones, cancer genes are not proportionately distributed among chromosomes.

Two things that surprised me
1: scientists were able to work on this gene hunt together, and felt comfortable sharing results with eachother withought feeling protective of their own research.
2: it surprises mehow much is known about cancer, how much we learn from research every day, but how limited we remain in treatment options. 

One question 
People claim certain foods or vitamins or what not, can lessen the chances of getter ng cancer. If all cancer is genetic, then these supplements must prevent mutation? How can environment cause these mutations besides the obvious smoking or radiation? Can diet cause mutations?

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