Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week #8

How did you do on your work?

I think I did okay, it fealt like a short but stressful week with SAT's and shortened class Friday, but I still managed to get everything done. Everything just felt a bit rushed.

What did you understand well?

I understood the stickleback fish expression packet pretty well. Along with the nutrician project. I ended up doing reasearch for nutrician in animals for the group mostly, and it made a lot of sense to me.

What can you improve on?

I could have spent more time on the project. I should have gotten a jump start on it the night after SAT's so that I wouldn't have had to stay up so late Thursday night.

How will you improve on this?

I will work on time management, this seems to be a common issue of mine.

How does the work fit into the description of the course?

We are learning about expression and how not all genes are expressed all the time and how they are regulated, and how regulation is achieved. This fits in with current studies trying to figure out what all of our noncding DNA does, believed to be regulatory.

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