Sunday, May 28, 2017

Week of May 26

This week I worked with me new topic. I have mostly been working on a way to test weather change in net gas exchange is due to an impact of DC Current on the light dependent or to the light independent reactions. I have been using algae to try and test this. Algae is a simple photosenthetic organism, that is unlikely harmed by electricity. This makes it an optimal organism to test With. What i am attempting to do is create two chambers with algae and O2 sensors. One with an electric current and one withought. Both will go through a period of light and dark while O2 levels are recorded. Then I will compare differences between the two chambers during both light and dark periods, and see which (dark or light) produces the greatest variant vroom the control. This is the first step in isolating the cause of the change in gas exchange caused by an electric current.

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